“We are honored to have John join our board. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the banking industry and is highly regarded among his peers as president and CEO of the New Jersey Bankers Association,” said Edward J. Gentry, chairman, president and CEO of CRA Partners. “We will benefit greatly from his vast experience and are excited about the positive impact he will bring to our organization.”

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“Triumph Bank is proud to partner with CRA Partners and Senior Crimestoppers because of their dedication to the safety and security for senior citizens in our Memphis community. Elder Abuse is a major problem in America today, and providing lockboxes to every resident in the two locations we have adopted is the first step in providing this to them. We look forward to growing our relationship with these residents in the future,” stated William Chase, Jr., President and CEO of Triumph Bank.

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“Senior Crimestoppers is a way for an administrator to further enhance the lives of the residents they serve.  They all work very hard to provide safe, secure, comfortable living environments and their desire to implement the program is just one more example of this.  Implementing this program does not mean that the facility currently has a crime problem, but that the administrator is proactively finding a way to keep problems from occurring in the future,” said Terry Rooker, president of Senior Crimestoppers.

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Jeff Cunningham, president and CEO of Athens Federal said, “Our relationship with CRA Partners, and platforms like the Senior Crimestoppers program, serves a vital part of our mission as a community-minded, customer-centric local financial institution. Our bank is committed to the development of under-served communities, and with expertise, innovation and leadership, helps local people and projects like Senior Crimestoppers succeed. We are honored to play a role in bringing this program to the Lenoir City community.”

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