CRA Collaborative

We’re bringing together the best minds in banking to collaborate on CRA strategy and best practices.

When colleagues work together to share their expertise and knowledge to learn a new skill, concept, or process, peer learning is one of the strongest ways to accelerate development. Learning sticks when we’re collaborating with others: discussing things back and forth, explaining ourselves, actively listening to others, and refining our ideas.

The CRA Collaborative  will foster a team dynamic where everyone’s ideas and opinions are respected, encouraging all to speak up and share their best practices and insights regarding current CRA issues. Consider this space an environment of mutual respect, as everyone is seen as an equal contributor to the process, and where we can solve problems and overcome challenges together.

Moderated by our CRA Liaison, Steffani Jenkins, you’ll gain different perspectives on CRA subject matter and exchange and build upon each other’s ideas while staying focused on navigating the changes coming with the modernization of CRA rules and regulations.

Build relationships with others in your field and strengthen your skills together. Get and give feedback, gain new insights, and forge meaningful connections among peers. Complete this form now and we’ll contact you about how to participate in our quarterly online meetings where you’ll get to interact with experts and colleagues in your field, and receive guidance on strengthening the CRA strategy for your bank.

Please contact me about the next CRA Collaborative peer group meeting