Senior Crimestoppers

Senior Crimestoppers

Your bank can provide protection and an enhanced quality of life for vulnerable senior housing residents in your community.

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Senior Crimestoppers is a nationwide crime prevention program educating and safeguarding against theft, abuse and neglect.

  • Funded completely by the banking industry through the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation’s CRA Partners program.
  • Serving residents, staff, management, family and visitors in nursing homes, assisted living communities, independent living communities, HUD communities and veterans homes.
Senior Crimestoppers website
Senior Crimestoppers website
  • Senior Crimestoppers Program Components
    • Toll-free Tips Line for anonymous crime/incident reporting with rewards up to $1,000
    • Personal in-room lockboxes installed for each resident
    • Bank’s charter plaque and crime awareness signage placed throughout the facility
    • Continuing education for facility management and staff
  • The Time of Your Life

    This entertainment program provides senior housing venues with a first class event for residents, staff, family members and other invited guests. The video presentation, which can be introduced by a representative of your bank, invokes memories from the past and allows them to relive some of the more prominent events from our elders’ heyday.

    • Activity directors in nursing homes love the series because it breaks the monotony in the facility and takes the residents for a walk down memory lane.
    • Each year we will send you a new edition of the Time of Your Life to deliver to your sponsored facility.
    • It’s a touch point, a built-in relationship building opportunity.
    • The facility can run the video in the dining room or you can host a movie night. It’s up to you to use it as creatively as you wish.
  • Wish Comes True

    Grant a lifelong or current wish for one or more residents at your sponsored facility. Common examples include:

    • Travel expenses for a resident to visit a loved one or vice-versa
    • A trip to the resident’s hometown
    • Purchasing a new, motorized wheelchair for a young accident victim who had grown out of his old chair
    • Purchase of a video gaming system for the common area so the residents can keep their minds strong and their muscles moving
    • Plans for a field trip to an athletic or cultural event

    Your bank’s sponsored facility will receive one contribution each year of sponsorship at the rate of $5.00 per resident, per year. This contribution is made from the sponsoring bank through the Foundation.