In their own words

Banking leaders discuss the value of working with CRA Partners and Senior Crimestoppers.

We are thrilled about our partnership and providing crime preventive services to set standards for the protection of our seniors living in these facilities. The loan we made is so much more than dollars. It’s the peace of mind that comes with helping our citizens live in a safer environment. We are honored to be a part of this effort.

Mark Sparks

CEO, West Texas State Bank, Odessa, TX

Sponsoring the Senior Crimestoppers program is a great opportunity for us to partner with the Foundation because they match our commitment and passion for our community. As an added bonus, the partnership also helps meet our CRA goals. I’ve been most impressed with how seamless the process has been, how all of the marketing materials are provided, and the Foundation staff has done a tremendous job in keeping us updated on its latest activities and newest initiatives.

John Poole

Chief Executive Officer, Carolina Alliance Bank, Spartanburg, SC

We are very pleased to contribute to improving the quality of life for our local seniors. 1st Capital Bank has enjoyed working with CRA Partners over many years, and has welcomed the opportunity to work with the team again and again to help this organization accomplish its mission. We have had a longstanding relationship and are sponsoring several senior residents’ facilities in the communities we serve.

Mark Andino

Bank's Regional President, 1st Capital Bank, San Luis Obispo, CA

Lake City Bank is pleased to provide safety and security for our senior citizens in our local nursing homes as a continuation of our long tradition of giving back to our local communities. We are committed to preventing fraud and abuse, and the Senior Crimestoppers program has proven to be a strong deterrent to crime. We don’t think we realized just how important our support was until we spoke with the residents and saw first-hand how much this program means to them. They appreciated the fact that we got involved and are doing all we can to make sure they are safe and have peace of mind.

Bruce Wright

SVP and Regional Manager of Lake City Bank, Warsaw, IN

As a community bank, we make various investments into our community. I believe there is no better investment than the opportunity to provide a safe and secure environment for the very ones that made our community what it is today; and, we take great pride in our partnership to protect seniors to this end.

Bill Loving

President, Pendleton Community Bank, Franklin, WV and Past President of the Independent Community Bankers of America

First Tennessee Bank is pleased to partner with CRA Partners to provide the Senior Crimestoppers program so our vulnerable seniors may continue to have a safe and secure environment. This incredible program is a true asset to the residents. It will give them the added peace of mind they deserve, and it will help to protect them from crime, which improves the quality of life in their nursing home community and ours. It’s just the right thing to do!

Keith Turbett

CRA Manager, First Tennessee Bank, Memphis, TN

CRA Partners’ mission is to provide protection for vulnerable senior housing residents by offering banks a meaningful turnkey CRA qualified program. The Senior Crimestoppers program gives the residents an enhanced quality of life and gives the bank CRA credit in return. When you look at the seniors you are helping, it is hard to overstate the positive effect a bank can have on the life of a senior citizen by removing the fear of theft and neglect from their lives while also earning CRA credit for your bank. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Charles Schwabe

Chief Administrative Officer, Howard Bank, Ellicott City, MD