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CRA Partners is a turnkey CRA compliance program powered by the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation. The Foundation operates Senior Crimestoppers, a nationwide crime prevention program educating and safeguarding against theft, abuse and neglect. Senior Crimestoppers is funded exclusively by the banking industry.

Partner with us and you will satisfy your bank’s CRA requirements, boost your community relations profile and develop new business relationships, while ensuring safe, secure senior living environments, HUD communities and state veterans homes.


Community Impact Review — Our latest Community Impact Review brochure highlights examples of how banks are enhancing the lives of the elderly in their communities. Click Here to view.

CRA Webinars — Several times each month, CRA Partners produces live webinars for banking professionals, sponsored by regional and national bankers associations.  

For more information, contact or call us at (877) 232-0859

  • CRA Partners Guarantees Credit
    • 100% turnkey solution, no administrative burden or ongoing monitoring
    • Flexible, low-risk funding options
    • CRA-qualified loan, investment and service test credit
    • Detailed LMI documentation for CRA exam
    • Endorsed by ICBA and ABA
    • Strong banking relationships in 43 states
  • How It Works

    Loans, Investments and Grants

    Your bank makes CRA-qualified community development loans, investment and grants to CRA Partners which supports the Senior Crimestoppers program to senior housing facilities, HUD communities and state veterans homes (at no cost) in your assessment areas.


    All loans and investments are fully collateralized by CRA-qualified securities selected by participating banks.


    The yield on your loans and investments is based on the yield paid on the security you use to collateralize the loan or investment, less 1.25% retained by CRA Partners to support its programs.
  • Positive Community Impact
    The cumulative community impact through the collateral purchased on behalf of our bank partners is approximately $283 million:
    • 8,400 affordable rental housing units
    • 768 home mortgages for low-to-moderate-income families
    • $250,000 in affordable healthcare services
    • $856,000 in economic development
    • $19.1 million in statewide homeownership programs and down payment assistance
    • $4.3 million in job creation and small business development
    • $25.3 million to states and municipalities for services to low-to-moderate-income families

Our Simple Process Flow 

CRA Partners is your partner every step of the way – from participation to examination.

CRA Exam Excerpts 

From FDIC, OCC and Federal Reserve performance evaluations

Earn service test credit through community outreach

Bankers are often seen as the front line of defense in protecting their elderly customers from financial abuse. And the “front line of that front line” is proactive prevention education for elderly customers and the community at large. The following financial education tools can be applicable for CRA Service Test Credit when used at an event attended by LMI individuals.

Video Toolkit

Preventing Elder Financial Abuse

Adapted from the FDIC/CFPB “Money Smart for Older Adults,” this toolkit gives your bank the ability to educate any size group in your community on how to look for signs of elder financial abuse and how to prevent it.

Deliver high-impact community relations 
  1. Complete the easy-to-use press release included on the toolkit CD and distribute to all media contacts.
  2. Invite local law enforcement, a trusted attorney and/or financial advisor and your local office of Adult Protective Services to attend to help with questions.
  3. Personalize and print the handouts for distribution at the event.
  4. Make a brief introduction of yourself and your bank.
  5. Press PLAY.
  6. Answer questions afterward.
  • Instant seminar for community groups and local seniors
  • 30-minute presentation (DVD)
  • Press kit, bank-brandable attendee handouts and bank training handouts
  • Free to SHCPF participants, available for sale to public
  • Applicable for CRA Service Test Credit when used at an event attended by low- to moderate-income individuals.

Toolkits will arrive USPS within a few days. Member banks may request free kits by contacting Lori Millar at 877-232-0859.

Financial Literacy

Your bank’s Welcome Home Banking website

Welcome Home Banking website

Welcome Home Banking can help your bank earn additional CRA service credit by providing easy access to the FDIC MoneySmart Program for people in qualifying LMI income brackets.

This financial literacy website serves as your bank’s customized digital platform to help develop new banking relationships with employees and residents’ family members associated with sponsored residential facilities.

Visit the Welcome Home Banking site

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